Our MotherShip

We are a Metaverse design consultancy devoted to assisting brands in bringing their businesses to life in the Metaverse where there are no limits or boundaries. We will help our customers to teleport their brands to many different realms, such as designing end diploying virtual space in metaverse, designing NFTs both 3D and 2D which will tell their brand stories and many more..,

What We Can Offer

We are offering you the opportunity to create your own digital environment using game development technology, which will assist your brands in establishing a digital presence in the Metaverse and telling your brand story in your own unique style. In this new era, game designers and developers will battle with traditional architects in the digital arena, which is where we come in as a recue with the right tools and the right team of experts who have previously demonstrated their success in the design industry for more than a decade.

Our professional 3d designers will assist you in designing and molding your ideal NFTs in both 3d and 2d formats, since it is the most effective way to represent your brand's ideology while also emphasizing its fundamental values.

Meta4space recently launched its first NFT furniture collection under the name META CHAIR SOCIETY , it's a first of its kind as a digital furniture that also bridges to the real world with the physical form of the chair that has been designed for one project. When it comes to restaurants, those who have the right NFT to get through the front door will have access to exclusive digital worlds. These one-of-a-kind NFTs will be sold on open markets as keys to various branches and as collectible digital assets that the restaurant may sell.

To Know more about Meta Chair Society visit our collection page in opensea Meta Chair Society (MCS)

AR is a technology that superimposes the computer generated image on the user's view to the real world, it can be experienced thru a headset, or your phone. Imagine you have a chair made out of flower petals with angel wings attached to it, sitting in your living room, designers can really overlay style on top the physical world by using AR technology. The idea of having unlimited furniture collection with unlimited of colors and materials and without no negative impact on the environment. Imagine the pattern on your walls moving or a NFT Mural in a restaurant comes alive when you look through your phone.

Example : we at Meta4space just launched an Augmented Reality NFT called Meta chair as the Prime piece of “Meta Chair Society” NFT furniture collection.(pls Scan the QR code in the image above)

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